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Loaded with stimulating and powerful green tea catechin EGCG

Naturally stimulating.

The naturally stimulating and low calorie weight management drink

+ available in three refreshing flavors: Lemon-Lime, Orange and Grapefruit

+ Less than 20 calories per bottle

+ 100mg L-Carnitine per bottle

+ High level of natural caffeine from green coffee beans (150mg per bottle) 

+ Loaded with stimulating and powerful green tea catechin EGCG

+ Authentic functionalities

+ Natural fruit juices

+ Bioactive green tea

+ Stimulating ingredients

+ Antioxidant protection

+ Valuable vitamins

+ Scientifically formulated

+ Great and refreshing taste

+ Low calorie recipes

+ Cold aseptic filling

- No added sugar

- No preservatives

- No artificial colors

- No hidden additives

- No GMOs

- No compromise

Venga is a naturally stimulating and low calorie refreshment drink which has been enriched with valuable vitamins, and essential minerals. Only with natural fruit juices, plant-based nutritional supplements and bioactive extracts for enhanced great taste with true functionalities. 


Thanks to our cutting-edge, gentle cold-aseptic filling technology, all vitamins, flavors and ingredients are fully preserved to guarantee genuine Venga quality at their peak of freshness. This also removes any need to use any kind of preservatives, while simultaneously achieving a long shelf life of 18 months in normal, non-refrigerated storage conditions.


Our line-up includes three flavors, filled in 16.9 FL OZ / 500ml PET bottles, 12 count cases, produced near Lake Como in Italy.

Green Tea is a naturally stimulating origin for a multitude of bioactive ingredients like polyhenols, antioxidants, trace minerals and fluoride. Since Green Tea is not fermented, nearly all of these ingredients are fully preserved. Green Tea contains only 50% of the caffeine found in brewed coffee and black tea, but releases a stimulating and long lasting effect.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that plays an important part in the process of the transport of fatty acids into your cell’s mitochondria during the breakdown of fats into metabolic energy. It is also involved in the buildup of muscle cells, improving recovery after exercise and speeds up certain neurotransmitter functions. 

Green Tea extract EGCG is a tea catechin which is mainly responsible for the effects of green tea and highly concentrated in Venga. It's natural level of caffeine has a supporting impact on your body by raising your resting metabolic rate.

Natural caffeine from green coffee beans is one of the most vitalizing ingredients for your central nervous system. It temporarily increases your performance level, cardiac activity, arterial pressure and quickens the pulse.

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