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Great review

Staying hydrated is one of the most over looked health concerns is everyones day to day lifestyle and although water is the best option for you and your health, it can get a little boring at times.

So this summer i enjoyed the different fruity flavours of Venga.

Now I'm not a big juice drinker, its usually water, smoothies or green tea for me but these fruity bad boys where great for quenching my thirst and stratifying any sweet tooth craving i was having, not to mention super refreshing.

Now in saying that, it was very seldom that i would drink one straight, simply because I'm not used to drinking juices and its not my style [everyone to their own] but i love mixing them up in homemade ice teas, infused waters and more.

You get a variety of flavours, 2 of my favourites being Grapefruit Green Tea and Lemon Lime Green Tea.

The Juices also have 3 different Functionalities being Rehydrate, Calorie Balance and Workout.

Packaging is fairly simple and to the point, with text and images informing the consumer exactly what it is they are buying.

All in all i am happy with Venga Drinks, its not then that i drink juices but if I'm going to its going to be Venga.


Click here for the full review and a nice recipe with Venga:

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